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Best Ager bringen Know-How und Expertise ein!

The EU-wide matching platform and virtual incubator biiugi was first launched in August 2012. Ever since users from Poland, Denmark, Germany and other European states took the opportunity to exchange over ideas and solutions.
Developed as part of the Best Agers Project, biiugi was built to provide easy access to knowledge and knowhow as well as job opportunities for those who seek them.
The aim was to bring together different parties for mutual benefit. Young, aspiring entrepreneurs often face difficult challenges, which sometimes call for good advice. On the other side, qualified and experiences professionals, who gained plentiful knowhow during their working life, and are looking forward to become a part of innovative processes.
Via face-to-face application additional cooperation tools and online-seminars, collaborations can be pursued. The platform allows you to find people from different countries, with different professional backgrounds.
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how does biiugi work

The main purpose of biigui is to bring together experts, people and institutions seeking help and advice ...

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History of biiugi

Developed as part of the Best Agers Project, the online platform biiugi aims at facilitating knowledge transfer and creating interesting job opportunities, by combining a matching portal and a virtual incubator for young entrepreneurs and qualified professionals.